1-Company Sustainability Policy:

  • Hotel Nippon Events Center believes in sustainability and we seek to put into practice the values ​​that inspire it. To carry out its compliance, it establishes and controls compliance with various actions that are related below.
  • As a management tool, it is knowledgeable and adopted by all workers in a way that contributes to these good practices in their radius of action both within the Hotel as well as in their community.
  • So that customers can be active partners in the implementation of this policy and in turn feel benefited we give it the decision of the daily or alternate replacement of their bathing clothes, this with the aim of not degrading the environment with detergents or other chemicals . The indication written in two languages ​​is visible in the bathroom of each room

2-Economic Area:

  • We have the SWOT analysis and business plan.
  • We promote among the customers the preference for local products when preparing our recipes menu offers in restaurant or banquetería.
  • We only work with local suppliers supporting their development.
  • Our hiring of personnel is varied when contemplating residents in all the nearby communes.
  • An information system on customer satisfaction is implemented through the placement of a model of surveys in the rooms, opinions on the website of Tripadvisor or opinions expressed in the Book of Suggestions located at the sight and reach of all customers in reception.

3-Sociocultural Scope:

  • We recommend our clients in the reception the visit to places of the community in our environment looking to support new ventures.
  • We spread among our visitors that we have part of our facade declared as heritage.

4-Environmental Field:

  • Periodic preventive maintenance of the equipment and water networks is carried out according to the Maintenance Plan contemplated with our service provider Manelec SA.
  • We have daily reading of energy consumption in order to maintain its efficient use.
  • We are controlled and certified by the SESMA regarding the emission parameters to the environment of our boilers.
  • The functioning of the heating system is regulated in a specific time, controlling the efficient and rational use of the system as well as emissions.
  • All sewage is treated by a filter system and pumps in our hotel before being discharged to public drainage.
  • The interior and exterior lighting is the necessary to achieve energy savings and avoid light pollution.
  • We are prepared in the event rooms with insulating material so as not to spoil the rest of our customers and neighbors as well as to avoid noise pollution.
  • We have a waste management program for which a point has been prepared inside the garbage room where it is recovered and donates all material as follows: Paper, cardboard and tetrapack withdraws it María Ayuda Vidrios withdraws it CODEFF Oils withdraws it General Rendering Chile Aluminum and plastics is removed by a private individual.