Hidden Bar

Cocktail Bar located in the underground of Hotel Nippon.

Enjoy classic drinks with their original recipes and the stories of our bartender

In the underground of Hotel Nippon you will find this small and silent bar speakeasy style to taste the classic cocktails in a faithful and traditional way with the best quality.
But Hidden Bar is not a place frozen in time, we have worried about having the best piscos available to discover, together with our visitors, more risky and avant-garde mixtures.
As if that were not enough, our Mixologist is passionate about his work. Innovate and look for new trends to satisfy the most demanding is part of your day to day.
"El Escondite" is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a break, a bar without hurry where the main ingredient is good conversation.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin 62, Santiago
(2) 2838 7000 - ncornell@hotelnippon.cl

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